NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety by City & Guilds

TCS provides City and Guilds NVQ Level 3 Occupational Health and Safety Qualifications. 

NVQ is not a course and there are no exams.
To gain an NVQ qualification you develop a portfolio of evidence from your knowledge and experience that demonstrates you meet the required level of competence. Thus, you will need access to the workplace to develop the evidence required.
The City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is ideal for those who either don’t like or can’t sit exams. You need to be working in a job with some health safety responsibilities already because, instead of sitting exams, you collect evidence from your day to day activities to prove you can do the job.
You can start your NVQ at any time and they typically take maximum 12 months to complete.

Who is this qualification for?
For candidates who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in the application of occupational health and safety good practice within the workplace

What does the qualification cover?
It allows candidates to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression the health and safety sector.

Benefits of Achieving the NVQ Level 3 Certificate
Accepted by IOSH for Associate Membership (TechIOSH)
Formal Health & Safety qualification with no exams

Entry Requirements
There are no formal entry requirements for NVQs but:
You need to have a good standard of English language
You need to be working in a role that has involvement in health and safety
Preferably you have IOSH Managing Safely, Control of Work, Emergency Preparedness and other frequently used HSE training qualifications.

Age restrictions
City & Guilds does not accept candidates aged under 19 years for this qualification

To achieve the Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, you must achieve a total of 31 credits. You will need to obtain a total of 23 credits from the mandatory units (301-305) and a minimum of 8 credits from the optional units (306-309)

Mandatory units 
Unit 301: Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce risks to health and safety (4 credits)
Unit 302: Develop procedures to safely control work operations (4 credits)
Unit 303: Monitor procedures to safely control work operations (5 credits)
Unit 304: Promote a culture of health and safety in the workplace (4 credits)
Unit 305: Conduct a health and safety risk assessment of the workplace (6 credits)

Optional units
Unit 306: Investigate and evaluate health and safety incidents and complaints in the workplace (5 credits)
Unit 307: Make sure actions in the workplace aim to protect the environment (4 credits)
Unit 308: Review health and safety procedures in the workplace (4 credits)
Unit 309: Supervise the health, safety and welfare of a learner in the workplace (4 credits)

Initial assessment 
To enrol on the City & Guilds NVQ certificate you will need to complete a short self-assessed questionnaire (Skill Scan) before we can accept you on the course. The questions are framed around the NVQ units and will help TCS to decide whether NVQs are right for you and if they are, which one. It will also help you identify any skills gaps, sections where you might have difficulty and the best areas to start your evidence gathering. It will also help TCS to identify:

  • if you have any specific training needs;
  • any units you have already completed, or credit they have accumulated which is relevant to the qualification.

Assessment process 
Time Constraints:
You must finish your assessment within your registration period.  It usually takes maximum 12 months.
NVQ’s are broken down into units, covering core health and safety topics; each unit has its own assessment criteria and you gather evidence to demonstrate you have met the criteria. You will be assigned an NVQ assessor who will guide you on what you need to do and what evidence you need. Your assessor may set you tasks to help you gather the right evidence.
Evidence must be all your own work but is typically things such as documents, video, photographs, witness statements etc. Your work product could be:

  • risk assessments carried out by you;
  • health and safety training devised and/or delivered by you;
  • results of health and safety inspections conducted by you;
  • results and findings of accident investigations carried out by you etc.

These are just examples of what you may present; however, it is not a definitive list.
You might be assessed by:

  • direct observation of practice by a qualified assessor or by the expert witness for occupational specific units;
  • examining the evidence by an assessor;
  • questioning or witness by an assessor.

TCS provides an e-Portfolio system for you to upload your evidence from anywhere at a time that suits you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After you upload your evidence your assessor can view and assess it online. You will achieve your NVQ when you have covered the required number of units and your achievements have been confirmed by internal and external verifiers.

How to apply:
You will need to complete the skill scan for your course on appointed by the training centre.

Skill Scan for NVQ Level 3 Certificate
Once completed, Skills Scan result will be assessed by the training centre and you will be contacted for further recommendations. People who fail in Skill Scan, will be recommended for further training before they enrol for NVQs.
We won’t let you hand over any money until we’re sure NVQs are right for you.

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