Calibration & Verification Services at TCS!

Calibration & Verification Services at TCS!

01 Ноя 2021

Devices should be periodically calibrated as per manufacturer’s recommendation to make sure the work is done properly and prevent errors or complications that may arise in future.
For over 2 years TCS has been providing calibration and verification services.

It should be noted that calibration / verification services are carried out at the TCS site, as well as at calibration laboratories of the state or  private enterprises of the Republic.
TCS also works closely with the Azerbaijan Metrology Institute.

TCS provide calibration and verification of measuring equipment listed as below:

  • Calibration of electrical measuring equipment
  • Calibration of pressure equipment
  • Calibration of temperature and humidity measuring equipment
  • Calibration of load cells
  • Calibration of geometric measuring instruments
  • Calibration of gas testers, alcometers
  • Calibration of chemical analyzers
  • Meter calibration
  • Calibration of lighting and vibration devices

Note: All above listed and other mechanical and electronic devices are calibrated by TCS
Our calibration services are performed in accordance with international standards, client requirements and manufacturer specifications.

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