Testing and Inspection of Electrical Equipment

TCS provide testing, visual inspection, IR imaging, functional checking and verification of electrical equipment listed as below:

  • Portable Appliances Test (PAT)
  • Functional checking and trip test of circuit breakers (MCB, MCCB, RCD)
  • Inspection of EX electrical equipment
  • IR (infrared) imagination of electrical devices and installations
  • Functional checking and verification of electrical equipment such as welding machines, generators, heaters and etc.
  • Earth ground resistance test and determination of compliance with international standards.

Our electrical equipment inspection services are performed in accordance with international standards such as BS, ISO, API,  and etc.


TCS suply below equipment, accessories, consumables as per customer requirement:

  • manual and powered lifting machines ( chain hoist, lever hoist, tirfor, jack etc);
  • web slings;
  • round slings;
  • ratchet strap;
  • fiber rope and fiber rope slings;
  • wire rope and wire rope slings;
  • chain and chain slings;
  • sling components (shackle, hook, master link and master link assembly etc);
  • plate clamp, sheave-pulley block, beam clamp, turnbuckle-rigging screw, eyebolt, pad eye, spreader beam etc;
  • rope access equipment and accessories (Fall arrester, harness, lanyard etc);
  • scaffold materials;
  • NDT equipment (Ultrasonic flow detector, Ultrasonic wall thickness meter etc);
  • NDT consumables (MPI and LPI consumables etc).

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