CompEx is fast becoming a mandatory requirement on many offshore plants as it offers complete reassurance to employers managing the safety of these potentially hazardous workplaces. It is a competency validation initiative, based upon the International Electrotechnical Standards Commission (IEC) jointly developed by the Engineering Equipment Materials Users’ Association (EMMUA) and JTL, the leading work-based learning provider to the building services engineering sector.

Established in 1994, the CompEx Certification Body is now accredited ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity assessment standard.
It is globally recognized training and assessment scheme for electrotechnical crafts personnel who work in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous area location industries, such as on-and-off-shore oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemical industries, etc. CompEx training helps organizations comply with the Electricity at Work Act, 1989, and etc.
The underpinning knowledge and practical assessment in a CompEx course is provided for electrotechnical personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new ‘Ex’ equipment and perform preventative maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment.

Delegates completing a Full CompEx 01,02,03,04 (comprises four units) course will be able to:

  • Prepare and install electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Inspect and maintain electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres

Please note the Full CompEx 01-04 is NOT suitable (opposed to CompEx Foundation) for those with no practical electrical or instrumentation experience.


Course content:

  • General principles: flammable limits UEL/LEL, flashpoint, ignition temperature, relative density, area classification to BS EN60079
  • 10-1, gas grouping, temperature classification & ingress protection
  • Standards, Certification, and marking, EU Directives ATEX 95 & ATEX 137, Equipment Categories and EPL's
  • Flameproof Ex 'd' protection
  • Increased safety Ex 'e' protection
  • Type Ex 'n', 'nR', 'nA', 'nC' & 'nL' protection
  • Pressurisation Ex 'px', 'py' & 'pz' protection
  • Intrinsic safety Ex 'ia', 'ib' & 'ic' protection
  • Other methods of protection, Ex 'o', Ex 'q',Ex 'ma', 'mb' & 'mc'
  • Combined (hybrid) methods of protection
  • Selection, Erection & installation of equipment to BS EN60079-14 including wiring systems: cables, cable glands, and cable gland accessories, electrical testing, isolation procedures
  • Inspection and maintenance of equipment to BS EN 60079-17
  • Induction to competence validation testing
  • Permit to work system and safe isolation


  • EX01 Preparation and installation of Ex 'd', 'e,' 'n' types of equipment
  • EX02 Inspection and maintenance of Ex 'd', 'e', 'n' types of equipment
  • EX03 Preparation and installation of Ex 'i' systems
  • EX04 Inspection and maintenance of Ex 'i' systems
  • Online multiple-choice Exam.

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