PAT Testing 2377-22

In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment, commonly referred to as PAT Testing gives learners an understanding of the theory and practice of the in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipments. This qualification is for those who wish to carry out formal visual inspections, and inspections and tests of electrical equipment or electricians who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills those who wish to pursue a career in the electrotechnical / building services sector.

These qualifications are aimed at those with administrative responsibilities for the maintenance of electrical equipment and for those undertaking practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment.


Course content:

  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Requirements
  • Units of Measurement and Definitions
  • Equipment Construction & Class
  • Procedures for In-Service Inspection & Testing
  • Combined Inspection & Testing
  • Documentation
  • Sample Tests
  • Inspection & Testing Practice - Class I Items
  • Inspection & Testing Practice Class II Items
  • Practical Test


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