Valve Lubrication

Lubrication and sealing becomes more critical in applications such as Production Wellheads, Gathering Systems, Processing Plants, Pipelines, Storage Facilities, and Distribution Systems. Applications like these are more likely to cause damage to the critical sealing surfaces of valves, due to the lack of lubrication present in dry gas, and the presence of sand and debris in production wellheads.

Valve lubrication and sealing is an essential part of an effectively managed valve maintenance program. This training course is delivered to provide a practical and theoretical understanding of how to carry out valve lubrication.

This training is for Process Plant Operators, Mechanical Maintenance Personnel, and Engineering staff.

Course content:

Each Delegate will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the safe lubrication of different valves and valve components
  • Identify and explain the main types of valve lubricants and their applications
  • Identify and explain the lubricant injection equipment and safety hazards associated with them
  • Understand and explain valve lubrication procedures associated with types of valves
  • Competently use lubrication equipment and provided proper lubrication on valves
  • Safe Working Procedures
  • Valve Lubricant Types
  • Valve Lubrication Equipment
  • Valve Lubrication Procedures
  • Practical Exercises

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